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Dana is a bar maid at the local bar in North Carolina where she is from, she usually working the 12-8 shift cause she likes to cover all the football games, especially Super Bowl. One of her favorite teams is the Giants, probably cause that is how she prefers her men. When football is not in season and times get a little tough she thought she would make a few extra bucks by posing for a few nude pics and offered to use the bar as a place to do the shoot, she has the key and the owner doesn’t mind, as long as he was able to stay and watch. She thought maybe if she borrowed the bosses cowboy hat they both might get a raise, his pants and her paycheck, good luck Dana.

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Video of Dana Dearmond and Francesca Le in CFNM Secret in the film called Spreadum.

These two jerk offs got busted by our busty cops for indecent exposure. Officer Le was quite impressed with what this boy had packed in his pants and figured that maybe it was best to teach this boy a lesson instead of having him register as an offender. She convinced Officer Dearmond to take the boys back to the station and read him his rights. “You have to remain silent” “You have the right to drop your pants” I think you probably get the idea from here.

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Dana and her friend went out for the night, if you haven’t been out with a hot porn star like Dana you don’t know what a true party is.  The nice thing about girls like Dana and Faith is that if you play your cards right you might get lucky and spend a night with them in bed.  And the fact is it could be the most amazing sex you ever had especially if you like having two girls at the same time.  The question is can you handle it.  See what we are talking about by watching their feature porn from cumfiesta called All For The Taking.


Dana Dearmond

Dana was at school when her vagina starting throbbing, she asked her teacher if she can go to the school nurse because she wasn’t feeling so well and had a girl problem. Once she got there she explained to the male nurse that she just got her clit pierced and she really hopes it is not infected. The nurse said let me look at it and we can determine if he needed to send her home. Dana undressed and sat up on the table to show him the piercing. If you were the nurse, what would you do if there was no infection?


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Dana is known to be a naughty lil porn princess and in this scene she is blindfolded and on her knees as her lover bounced his huge cock off her tongue. Being not able to see she has to rely on his words to do what he wants, so when he says suck it she sucks it like a hoover vaccum and when he tells her to fuck it, she penetrates his dick with her mouth and has he gets close…she wears it.

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Dana has been in the industy for quite some time, and as a well know porn actress one thing that all stars must master is the art of riding the reverse cowgirl. In this photo, Dana bares it all for you showing off her strong leg and deep penetration abilities. With her cute perky breasts and eraser like nipples that make you want to go for a finger twirl. How can a guy not resist wanting to have Dana on your lap.

Dana Armond

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Talk about making a guy hard while at work, this girl is bare ass naked…but her hot pink shoes! I wouldn’t mind walking into my office and seeing my girlfriend in that pose wearing nothing but shoes and her wet pussy calling my name. I know a lot of companies these days have gyms but think I need to incorporate office cardio as part of the work day, maybe that would make my days go faster and be more productive.

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Dana walked into the office and auditioned for the nude scene recommend by a friend she works with, during her audition they had to take her for a spin and see what she had. Dana started doing a little strip tease as the photographer starting to see if she was camera worthy. Dana seems to be a nice girl, pretty cute, and has a great pair of perky tits. The fact that she has her clit pierced is always makes things more exciting, oops…you can’t see that in this picture, check out the others we love.

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Dana Dearmond became a adult actress in 2005 and is still currently working in the industry. She used to be a figure skater in the same club as Sunny Lane. After that she worked at Disney World as a dancer until becoming a stripper. She did some bondage stuff but started online through her myspace profile which had 300,000 friends. She does not have an official membership website. Dana has appeared in over 200 pornos. She has directed two porn documentaries geared to inform new comers how to get into the industry and everything that is involved in the career.

Dana Dearmond Statistics
Birthday: June 16, 1979
Home: Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Measurements: 32C-26-37
Height: 5 feet and 8 inches
Weight: 61 kg – 134 pounds
Hair: Black
Site: Official Blog

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From the looks of Dana’s face, and her make up all down her face chances are that her and her man were fighting and tears rolled down her cheeks, however one of the best parts about fighting is always the make up sex. After her man, punished her pussy by giving her the pounding to say he was mad but can get over her being a naughty girl she wanted to return the favor by sucking every last drop of cum out of his cock. Poor guy will never have blue balls ever again, just a sore tally wacker. Tallk about showing the love.

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